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Have you been struggling with technology? Are you not loving the process of building your product? Are you a little frustrated your team is in a very different time zone. We will help you.

We are one of the oldest software companies in Argentina, and also the founders of DIGITAL HOUSE, the largest Tech School-Coding bootcamp in LATAM. We have trained more than 100,000 professionals and followed their careers’ improvements. We also partnered with most big companies and created the biggest technical fairs in Argentina to help them find the best talent.

We help you from the start. We have been working with startups since 1998! We put you and your idea to work in a taylor made process of Digital Product Discovery where we mix business and product analysts, software architects and UX designers to help you get better outcomes. Our process streamlines your idea to the point of improving your chances to succced. We are really proud of all our client's successful exits. We celebrate them as if they were ours!

We build a real team for you, not just a bunch of people who met each other just for your project. We provide high skilled software architects, software engineers, UX specialists and project managers who know each other and have been working together as a team. We triple the average software engineer tenure at most high-tech companies

We provide engineering services in a wide variety of technologies including Laravel PHP, Node.JS, NET Core, React.JS, React Native, Ethereum, Corda. We also work with all mayor cloud providers.

We love what we do and we are always looking for great software engineers, product and project managers and UX specialists. Send us your cv!

Always searching for talents: Programmers Project Leaders Designers


We specialize in making digital products since 1998. We probably made some stuff you've used!

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